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Established in early 2018, PNP is a full-service event planning company that provide complete planning, consulting, and supervision for corporate events.

We are a creative-led experiential event production agency that helps brands connect, engage and evolve.To put it simply - we create strategic integrated experiences that form a human connection between brands and their target audience.

We're team players, passionate and talented experts who deliver exceptional results.

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Our Services

Our approach to event management is to first understand the reasons behind your events, allowing us to create and manage your events whilst working towards your objectives, themes and exceeding expectations. Our event agency specializes in developing event programs which are creative, deliver value for money and provide inspiration to your guests. PNP can work as an extension to your existing team or take charge of the entire event. Our creative event production team will work with you to establish the key event message delivering every element of the event in line with this. We work on building a relationship of trust with our clients creating a shared ambition that enables us to exceed our client’s

Digital Marketing - To spread widely values of events to audience, PNP also put digital marketing as a priority which we can take care for clients. Beside tele-marketing, we build digital marketing plan, coordinate and execute it to deliver well unique messages of the events and ensure the target of attendees. We implement either banner ads or PR articles, social media, forum seeding and so on which must be effective for every single event and client brand.

Creative Design, Visual & Video - Appealing design, visual and video are brilliant approaches that express well client brand's distinctions and impress customers. After discussing with clients to get their expectation, PNP creative team will design artworks such as digital mail (edm), backdrop, photo booth, standee, create visuals for backgrounds and award session and videos for breaking the ice at the beginning or the break of events. This way really works in fostering the image of events, which helps client brands win the heart of customers easily.

Premium Gift - Gifts that could be traditional gifts or technical ones contribute to make difference for events or activation campaign of brands. That's why PNP coordinate closely with clients, then we advice diversified and proper presents depending each event’s features and clients’ expectation. We are in charge of the whole process from paperwork to production and delivery gifts for the events. We also customize or personalize presents by inscribing logos to manifest specific characteristics of client brands or printing names of the clients’ partners. No matter what gifts are, we did from the every detail to the general to ensure the finest ones arrived into customers' hands.


ALFA PNP agency work really professional from the big picture to the very detail of events. The team coordinate events logically, solve incidents quickly and streamline everything. Their carefulness exists from preparation steps to on-air stage, which generate valued experience for event attendees. Thanks to ALFA PNP’s organization, events of Nanum Vina receive much satisfaction from the event audience and gain more potential customers.

Ms. Tran Hang Nga
Marketing Manager
Nanum Vina
Chi tiết

Collaborating with ALFA PNP Team, I see the reality of “teamwork makes the dream work”. Their team working hard, work smartly and support each other to create various events which meets Microsoft Vietnam’s strict requirements. They aren’t only contribute execution but also ideas to build better events and marketing for Microsoft.

Mr. Doan Viet Hung
Commercial Device Marketing Manager
Microsoft Vietnam
Chi tiết


Microsoft Envision Forum 2019

In the explosion of digital transformation, refining strategies and applying the latest technologies is the must to every enterprises and organizations. Microsoft Envision Forum 2019 was organized by ALFA PNP under the host Microsoft Vietnam for business leaders and CIO/ CTO to update the innovative technology solution required to transform across industries: financial service, retail and manufacturing. Around 1000 attendees was truly engaged the real technologies in presentation sessions, solution exhibition of 12 leading enterprises whose productions and services operate on Microsoft’s cloud to activation zone of artificial intelligence.

CIO Summit 2019

The explosion of built-in intelligence, hyper-connectivity and data from the edge is reshaping markets, disrupting every industry and transforming how we live and work. In this edge-to-cloud world, the future will belong to the fast. Around 100 CIOs/ CTOs in the whole country attending the event CIO Summit 2019 together accelerate with technology, apps and data from the Edge, to the Cloud can come together for your enterprise to redefine experiences and drive smarter, hyper-efficient operations.